Cycle Charting with Confidence Group Program

Is tracking your cycle giving you more anxiety than it is helping you get pregnant? You are not alone! Let’s take you from stressed the eff out to confident + mastering ovulation!

Next Program Starting: October 3, 2022

Learn how to use cycle charting to optimize your chances of getting pregnant now!

Are you feeling like...

  • you’re overwhelmed with the ins and outs of charting your cycle
  • you need some guidance with understanding what the heck it all means
  •  you feel like you’re having sex every damn day and your tired of not knowing when you’re actually in your fertile window
  • the responsibility of getting pregnant is all on you and your exhausted trying to understand how your cycle chart can help you
  • you don’t know if you’re reading your chart right and it’s making you insane googling all of the answers
  • you’re doing it all wrong and don’t know what the tips and tricks are to making cycle charting easier
  • your irregular cycle is making things even harder and don’t know how to use your chart to figure out what’s out of balance

It's time to get my eyes on your chart!

This program was MADE just for you!

You don’t have to feel defeated every single day you plug your temperature into your chart, just hoping it will magically tell you when to have sex. 

This is the time of your life to take control of your fertility and know exactly what is going on inside of you so you can make a baby.  

Learn about what your chart can actually tell you about your fertility 

There are so many things that you can learn about when it comes to your hormones and your health, just by tracking your menstrual cycle. I want teach you exactly what you need to chart and what it might mean for your cycle! 

This is the first step every woman should take when trying to conceive. 

Get ready to…

Get key insights into your health + why you’re feeling the way you are – body literacy at it’s finest! 

Understand how to chart correctly and learn exactly what it is telling you in order to uncover any hidden imbalances holding you back from getting pregnant. 

Know exactly where your fertile window is and when you’re ovulating so you can chart your cycle with confidence. 

Learn the ins and outs of your menstrual cycle and gain knowledge you need to get pregnant, or not, for now and in the future. 

Group Program Details

Investment: $127

6 weeks of access to private membership community for asking questions and connecting with other women

2 Live group Q&A calls


  1. Cycle Charting with Confidence E-book 
  2. 2 Fertility Meal Plans 
  3. Syncing With Your Cycle Toolkit

Next Program Start Date: October 3rd, 2022


This program is for you if...

  • you’ve been TTC and have no idea when you ovulate
  • you’ve been tracking but your chart confuses the crap out of you
  • you are just starting to track BBT and need some support
  • your cervical mucus doesn’t make any sense
  • you often question if you are baby dancing at the right point of your cycle
  • you are looking for all the tips and tricks to charting + getting pregnant
  • want to learn everything you can about your cycle while TTC
  • you are looking for a badass group of women to connect with during this phase of your life
  • you are looking for support, but not quite ready to book a 1:1 program with me
  • testing out the waters on what working with a fertility nutritionist is like
  • want to learn more about syncing your life with your menstrual cycle


Get instant access to my Cycle Charting with Confidence Ebook when you sign up for the the program! Perfect to keep on hand to support you through the program and on your TTC journey. 


7 months ago I had gone through a miscarriage and It’s something I really struggled with. After about 5-6 months of still struggling to get pregnant I was talking to a friend of mine when she suggested talking to Abbie. After starting to work with Abbie, she taught me how I need to listen to my body and all of these other things I had no idea about on how to get pregnant. One of the main reasons why I love working with Abbie so much is that she’s always there for you, she’s quick to respond and she’s able to give the best advice. I’m happy to now say that with Abbies help that i’m pregnant and couldn’t have done it without her help! 

-Jessica B


join a tribe of women just like you

This is a group program filled with women who are trying to conceive, looking to learn more about their cycle and how to optimize their charting to get pregnant. 

private membership community 

Get instant access to our private membership community where you can connect with other women, share images of your chart and ask Abbie all your questions about charting + trying to conceive. 

live group call


Join in on the live group call to dive in deep on all of your questions about trying to conceive and charting. Don’t hold back – there is no such thing as TMI in the world of fertility!

What will you get out of this program?

An understanding of what signs and symptoms that you should put in your chart and what they mean. 

Complete knowledge of the ins and outs of your menstrual cycle so you understand the phases and what goes on in each of them. 

Uncover any hidden imbalances that could be holding you back from reaching your optimal fertility potential. 

A tribe of women going through the same phase of life as you looking for friends and support through cycle charting and trying to conceive. 

What are you waiting for??