Cycle Charting with Confidence Package

Ready to learn how to chart your cycle and understand the ins and outs of how it works? This package is perfect for you! Master cycle tracking through hands on experience with a trusted Fertility Nutritionist. 

I know you're feeling...

  • Confused by your cervical mucus + figuring out your fertile window.
  • Struggling with confirming ovulation + if it’s event happening at all.
  • Tired of doing it all on your own + without the advice you need.

I help you...

  • Learn how to chart your cycle and troubleshoot your issues along the way
  • Identify your fertile window + confirm ovulation.
  • Comprehend your menstrual cycle + identify any possible hidden hormone imbalances

Learning how to chart your cycle can be confusing, and I know your husband doesn't want to hear about your temperature every morning.

The ins and outs of cycle charting can cause stress in the sane minded woman, but add in the tigger of trying to conceive and this can create a mess.  That’s where I come in. I help you get a grasp of cycle charting without the struggle + support you along the way! You don’t have to figure this all out on your own. I have the tools and I want to share them all with you! 


7 months ago I had gone through a miscarriage and It’s something I really struggled with. After about 5-6 months of still struggling to get pregnant I was talking to a friend of mine when she suggested talking to Abbie. After starting to work with Abbie, she taught me how I need to listen to my body and all of these other things I had no idea about on how to get pregnant. One of the main reasons why I love working with Abbie so much is that she’s always there for you, she’s quick to respond and she’s able to give the best advice. I’m happy to now say that with Abbies help that i’m pregnant and couldn’t have done it without her help!


Cycle Charting with Confidence Package

This is a great option for someone who has not started charting their cycle yet or needs practice in understanding what their cycle chart is actually telling them. 

In this package you will learn how to identify your fertile window, master the art of pinpointing ovulation, discover any hidden hormone imbalances within your cycle, and get a glimpse into cycle syncing through hands on support.

Includes 1 full cycle of charting support, unlimited messaging access with Abbie, 2 support calls (30 min ea) and my Cycle Charting with Confidence E-book! 

Learn how to identify your fertile window using your body symptoms

Master + confirm your ovulation so you can accurately calculate your luteal phase

understand your cycle to help you uncover your unique needs to get pregnant (or not!)


2 payments of $279


I found Abbie through a friend and instantly knew she was the right person to help me through my fertility journey. Abbie not only is extremely knowledgeable but she makes you feel like you are talking with a friend. She has never led me in a way I didn’t feel comfortable but also speaks the truth and is always honest. Most of all, Abbie is constantly empowering me to learn and also reach for what I know is possible with my fertility. I would never recommend anyone else and could never imagine anyone else helping me along my journey.



book a call

Let’s chat! Booking a discovery call helps me understand what your current struggles are, if we are a good vibe to work together, and how my services can best support you! 

we work together

We get you all set up on the Kindara app, link me as a practitioner so my eyes are on your chart every morning (just like you!). You book your calls when you feel like you need support. Send Abbie a chat whenever you have questions. 


At the end of our time together you will have a comprehensive understanding of how to chart your cycle, identify your fertile window. confirm ovulation, and intuitively identify possible hormone imbalances. You will be set up for trying to conceive on your own!