I teach women how to balance hormones and optimize fertility.

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Are you tired of dealing with irregular cycles, but don't know how to fix them?

It’s tough dealing with hormone imbalances.

The good news is we can figure out what is going on and how to turn it around for you!

And when you finally have you hormones in check you’ll be amazed at how you feel! Imagine waking up every morning full of energy and ready to greet the day. No more mood swing or heating-pad wearing before your period comes. And you can forget about all that bloat around your midsection!

Meet Abbie...

Meet Abbie...

I’m a Functional Nutritionist and after dealing with hormonal imbalances before and after getting pregnant, I now help other women heal irregular cycles, improve fertility, and get their lives back from hormone imbalance.

I managed my way through graduate school while having two children. In addition to a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, I’ve also received certifications in Culinary Nutrition and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. 

What I do is different because I make this journey sustainable, something you can take with you the rest of your life, because you deserve to have balanced hormones and a balanced life. I’ve been there, the wild PMS symptoms, the crazy mood swings, and the acne that won’t go away. I also experienced 2 miscarriages after having my first two children. 

My goal is to help women understand the underlying causes of their hormone imbalances and create a plan that helps you achieve optimal health while still enjoying life + wine. 

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I offer a range of options from 1:1 packages, group coaching programs, and an online course involving cycle charting, fertility, and hormone balance.

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What Clients Are Saying

After stopping hormonal birth control and expecting my cycles to return to normal pretty quickly, I was confused and concerned when I began having long irregular cycles and a lot of annoying symptoms including not feeling like myself. After starting to work with Abbie, she taught me so much about balancing hormones, nutrition, listening to my body and finding ways to help with stress management. It was very encouraging to me to have a person to go to with all my nitty gritty questions. I am happy to say that my cycles are consistently improving every month and I am so glad I found Abbie and that she has shared her knowledge and support with me!

Laura B.

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