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Advanced Ovulation Academy

Learn step-by-step how to get pregnant without medication, a restrictive diet, more labwork, or frequent visits to doctors who aren’t giving you the answers you need. 


It’s time to put your focus on these critical areas to increase your chances of getting pregnant: nutrition, ovulation, stress management, and self-care. 


Advanced Ovulation Academy is going to show you how.


This is for you if...

This is not just another fertility course.


Most fertility courses will only teach you the basic nutrients you need to consume to support fertility. 

I created this program to fill the gap – because you deserve more than that.  

Advanced Ovulation Academy is a 12-week online course that – 


Empowered Retreats

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You will learn how to get pregnant without...

You see, doctors aren’t giving you all the information they can about how to boost your fertility.

Doctors are not trained in how to support nutrition + lifestyle for fertility – they’re trained in what to prescribe you when you’re not ovulating or send you for IUI or IVF. 

But let’s be real: your whole body revolves around what you eat and how you treat your body. We were never truly taught what that actually means for those of us with a menstrual cycle. 

The main factors that are impacting your ability to get pregnant are: 

  • What + how you are eating
  • Not understanding ovulation + how to confirm your ovulation 
  • Not regulating your stress levels + having hormonal dysregulation 
  • Not putting yourself first (we’re looking for main character energy here babe)



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how it works

step one: nutrition

You’ll learn how to create a fertility-boosting diet that focuses on stabilizing your blood sugar levels, maximizing your energy intake, and ensuring you eat enough to make your body feel secure and ready for pregnancy.

step two: ovulation

You’ll learn how to monitor and track your menstrual cycle with step-by-step guidance and learn proven methods to confirm ovulation, ensuring you have all the information you need to optimize your fertility efforts.

step three: stress

You’ll learn how to manage stress with a two-fold approach: reframe your brain’s perception of stressors to reduce the fight-or-flight response and dedicate time to feeling relaxed and at ease to enhance your rest, digestion, and sex response.

step four: self care

You’ll learn how to create a self-care routine and incorporate daily intentional practices, signaling to your brain that you have enough space to care for yourself and your baby.

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what to expect


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week by week actions

 Each week you will get an assignment with an action step that builds off of the week before. It’s officially going to make boosting your fertility the easiest thing you’ve done in years.



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track your progress

 Track your progress and reflect on the changes you’re making with the Advanced Ovulation Academy Workbook which includes weekly checklists, menu planning, reflections, and more! 





 You will be educated through videos + supplemental resources and you will also have homework assignments that go along with the educational videos that will guide you step-by-step with the changes you need to make on a weekly basis.


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some questions you may have for me

ABSOLUTELY! This course is designed to re-establish the foundations of fertility to boost ovulation and increase your chances of getting pregnant. Many women in my practice that followed this protocol were pregnant within 3-6 months of implementation.

Yes! We start with the foundation of blood sugar balance, lower stress levels, and create a plan to prioritize your needs which directly impact the hormones playing a role in PCOS. Most women will see regular ovulation within 3-9 months of implementation.

Please do the course! Implementing the diet changes can significantly improve your endometrial receptivity and chances of implantation. This course is a great supplement to any medical intervention that you are doing with your fertility clinic or OB. 

You will receive education on the menstrual cycle and all things ovulation right away in the course so that you can identify if you are ovulating or now. We also go over cycle tracking and how to confirm ovulation. Every step in this course will help support ovulation!

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