Fertility Nutritionist

Master’s of Science in Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine (MSHNFM), Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FND-P), Culinary Nutrition Expert (CNE)

I’ve spent my entire life in the same 10 mile radius of southern Wisconsin. My husband started off as my 6th grade social studies partner, turned into senior year boyfriend, and tied himself to me forever when we got married in 2015. With dreams of raising our children on land and waking up to a pond full of wildlife, we bought a 12 acre property on the outskirts of town before both of our kids were out of diapers. 

I started my career in Nutrition after I discovered my ideals didn’t match with some of the aspects of modern medicine. I don’t want to diagnose and medicate – I want to uncover root causes and heal. 

I couldn’t find the help I was looking for when I needed it the most. 

I had the same concept as everyone else before I started trying to conceive – I can get pregnant at any point of my cycle. WRONG.  

After 6 months of trying, I went all in on the rabbit hole of fertility. I did all the research on “foods for ovulation” and “yoga for fertility” and I finally got pregnant after 8 months (the same month I got into my Master’s program!).

Recovering postpartum with my first baby was hard to say the least. Between the heavy anxiety of being a new mom and the stress of graduate school I was in dire need of some support in every direction.  I thus discovered adaptogens at the most crucial time of my life and further broadening my horizon of self-healing.

I had to postpone my comprehensive final exam for my program because it was scheduled the same week that I was delivering my baby girl. 

I spent the next year loading up on the certifications and being a stay at home mom. I really wanted to start working when the kids went to school, but something changed these plans.

I had 2 miscarriages in 6 months. 

I was a women’s health nutritionist, I thought i was doing everything right. 

I had all of the resources possible to support myself through the hardest 9 months of my life, and I still felt alone, unsure, and confused. 

THIS is why I started working before my kids started school. This is why I spend all my time researching women’s reproductive health. 

I NEVER want another woman to go on this journey of trying to get pregnant, experiencing losses, having a baby and recovering post partum on their own and afraid. You deserve all the support in the world, no matter your circumstance. 

I am here to help you on your journey, whatever that may look like, so that you can have the guidance and answers your need every step of the way. 


You spend most of your life getting your period, you should know how it works and how it can help you day in and day out!


When you know what’s going on in your cycle on a monthly basis, you will know when something feels off. Knowing how to do this on your own will help you to live an optimal life. 


When you live in sync with your cycle and intuitively balance your hormones, you can say BUH BYE to all the pesky symptoms that you dealt with before.