4 Natural Ways To Increase Your Fertility

If you are struggling to get pregnant the first thing I want to say is please remember that you are never alone on your journey. 

Struggling to get pregnant is actually a lot more common than you think. 

If you want to read about my own experience and the struggles that I went through to get pregnant I encourage you to go here. 

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about what you should change in order to get pregnant and I know how overwhelming and confusing it can feel (which is why I’ve made it my mission to set the record straight for you, once and for all).

My goal as a Fertility Nutritionist is to help you understand exactly what’s going on in your body and your fertility so that you can find the missing pieces that you need in order to start taking actionable steps on your journey. 

That’s why I want to take you back to the Balancing Fertility Basics – learning how to enhance your fertility so that you can get pregnant without making it overly complicated when it absolutely does not need to be. We are going to be going over 4 natural ways to increase your fertility but also so much more! 

In this blog I’m sharing with you –

  • 4 fertility-enhancing basics straight from my 1:1 coaching practice 
  • Foods to consume on a regular to enhance your fertility 
  • Understanding the link between your ovulation and your fertility. 

This is one of my FAVORITE topics to talk about so let’s get into it!



First, as a quick overview, I want to share with you that when you are trying to increase your fertility there are 4 key factors I want you to look at. I do this with all of my clients because all of these factors can directly contribute to your ability to get pregnant. 

They are – 

  • Food (what you’re eating, how much you’re consuming, and when you are consuming it)
  • Sleep (how long, how well, any interruptions, and what you feel like when you wake up)
  • Rest (how often do you slow down, what do you do for rest)
  • Stress Management (how stressed are you, what are you doing to lower it)
It’s important to understand these different factors and how they are directly affecting you every day. So let’s talk about them all a little more in depth. 


I need you to know that nutrition and overall food consumption play a significant role in your fertility – it’s a BIG deal. 

That’s why I work with all of my clients on eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, avoiding excessive alcohol and caffeine, and NEVER restricting food. 

We always focus on inclusion over restriction which means that we put the focus on incorporating more foods that are benefiting your fertility without restricting the foods that maybe aren’t the best, but that you still enjoy! 

By balancing your intake of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates throughout every meal and during the day you will be setting yourself up for enhanced fertility in no time. 

You can learn more about this in my free guide: Building Ovulation Boosting Meals. 


Who doesn’t love sleep – am I right? 

And I want you to know that getting enough sleep is actually enhancing your fertility. 


Adequate and quality sleep can influence your hormone levels, stress response, and other factors that contribute to reproductive health. 

Because adequate sleep helps you with – 

  • Hormonal balance –  Sleep helps maintain the balance of hormones involved in reproduction, such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and luteinizing hormone (LH).
  • Melatonin Production –  Melatonin, a hormone produced during sleep, has antioxidant properties and can support egg quality and ovarian function. How you prepare to go to bed can play a role in melatonin production and its protective effects on reproductive tissues.
  • Menstrual Cycle Regulation – Regular sleep-wake patterns help maintain a stable menstrual cycle (hello circadian rhythm training). Disruptions in sleep (like late nights or fewer hours) can lead to irregular periods, affecting the timing of ovulation, and reducing the chances of conception.
  • Lower cortisol levels –  Sleep helps lower cortisol (the stress hormone), which, when elevated, can interfere with reproductive hormones. Chronic stress and high cortisol levels can inhibit ovulation and reduce sperm quality (yes, we’re including your man here too!).

So be sure you’re catching enough of those zzz’s and that you’re bringing your partner along for the ride! 


When I say rest I’m not talking about sleep.


And I don’t want you to treat rest as a reward – rest should absolutely be a priority for you and your fertility!!


How exactly does rest help enhance your fertility?

Rest is working in your favor in SO MANY ways such as –

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved emotional well-being (don’t you want to feel GOOD?!)
  • Hormonal balance (you can’t produce sex hormones if you’re not in rest, digest, and sex mode!)
  • Enhanced immune function (this supports proper implantation)
  • Increased libido (yes please!)

And of course, there are several additional benefits to prioritizing rest on your journey to conceive.

If this is a major struggle for you then I recommend starting with implementing daily, intentional self-care. 

This is something that you choose to do for yourself because it will make you feel good. 

This is not an item on your to-do list or checking off your exercise for the day. Think about romanticizing your life and embracing main character energy with this.


You’re probably seeing a pattern here about how a HUGE part of enhancing your fertility has to do with your overall lifestyle.

And I can’t forget to mention talking with you about how managing your stress can enhance your fertility.

Taking care of yourself MATTERS – not just in a physical sense. I want you to have an arsenal of self-care practices that you can go to on a regular basis.

Practicing stress reducing techniques can help enhance fertility by promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

When you engage in stress-reducing activities, you are actively working to reduce the load on your brain that is impacting hormonal balance and ability to ovulate —all factors that contribute to fertility.

Your stress management practices should include –

  • A morning self-care routine
  • Journaling
  • Body scan meditation
  • Visualization exercises
  • Brain dumping
  • Vagus nerve training

Remember, there is no ONE way to practice stress management, but you have to find what works for you!

Now that you know the 4 ways to naturally enhance your fertility since I am a Fertility Nutritionist (and we’ve been talking about food as one way to enhance your fertility in this blog) I, of course, also want to share with you…


The best foods to enhance your fertility are those that are high in essential nutrients, antioxidants, and healthy fats while being lower in processed ingredients and unhealthy fats.

Did you know that I have a FREE guide that teaches you what foods to include in your diet to support fertility, and teaches you how to put them together to make it all work for your benefit?

You can download it right here!


Here is a list of some of the best foods to eat to enhance fertility:

Healthy Fats + Proteins

Something people don’t think about is that our animal proteins are going to be naturally high in healthy fats, but we’ve been taught from an early age to focus on “lean” meats. Make it easy on yourself! Get loads of protein and healthy fats by including these animal-based foods in your diet: 

– Grass-fed beef
– Wild-caught salmon
– Free-range chicken (skin on!)
– Sardines
– Lamb
– Venison

Fruits and Vegetables

– Citrus Fruits: Oranges, lemons, and grapefruits are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that may improve hormone balance and protect reproductive cells from oxidative stress.

– Berries: Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries are rich in antioxidants, which help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, supporting both egg and sperm health.

– Avocados: High in healthy fats, fiber, and folate, avocados can help improve hormone production and support a balanced diet.

Dairy Products

– Full-Fat Dairy: Milk, yogurt, and cheese (especially full-fat versions) that contain calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients that support reproductive health. Studies suggest that full-fat dairy is more beneficial for fertility than low-fat options.

– Greek Yogurt: A good source of protein, calcium, and probiotics, Greek yogurt can help support a balanced gut microbiome, which can have a positive impact on fertility.

Try to incorporate these foods into your diet so that you can be fully nourished and fertile. 

Being fully nourished and fertile is all about learning how to eat in the right way to support getting pregnant.

This is exactly what I help my clients focus on in my practice.

If you’re curious to learn more about what working together looks like you can learn more here.

And remember to get my FREE guide that teaches you what foods to include in your diet to support fertility, and teaches you how to put them together to make it all work for your benefit.

Before you go there’s one more important topic I want to discuss with you…


Ahhh yes, that word – ovulation.

When I talk about ovulation and fertility I want to remind you that –

You ALWAYS want to fuel your ovulation – food plays a huge role in our body’s ability to ovulate – just like it plays a HUGE role in your getting pregnant.

You need to learn how to eat to support regular ovulation – this is something most women were NEVER educated on.

To enhance your fertility and ovulation I encourage you to make healthy lifestyle changes. 

You can do this by eating a nourishing, balanced diet, exercising regularly (not too much, not too little), managing stress levels, and getting enough sleep… just to name a few.

Fertility and ovulation go hand-in-hand which is why I talk all the time about ovulation. 

And I don’t want you to feel confused at all when it comes to ovulation + nutrition + and your fertility.

That’s exactly why I created my Advanced Ovulation Academy.


Ovulating on time, consistently AND robustly sets the stage for everything to follow including proper implantation, embryonic development, and hormone production through the first trimester (we need to give the corpus luteum the credit it deserves!).

My clients come to me knowing they need to ovulate consistently but they think that in order to achieve this they need to restrict certain foods or try out medication when that’s simply not the case.

I’m going to help you get pregnant by being fully nourished and fertile WITHOUT medication or diet restriction.

The Advanced Ovulation Academy will help you –

  • Get to know your cycle, for real this time! Learn how everything works and how it relates to you getting pregnant, how to know if and when you’re ovulating, and what the major factors are contributing to poor ovulation.
  • Learn how to eat to support regular ovulation, foods that are important to include in your diet, and how to prioritize the 4 Pillars of Balancing Fertility.
  • Learn how to manage stress without having to quit your job and live in a bubble
  • Learn how to prioritize yourself for your fertility.

This is for you if –

  • You are fully committed to supporting your body to get pregnant
  • You are ready to make changes to how you eat for the rest of your cycling days
  • You are ready to get serious about how your lifestyle is affecting your ability to conceive
  • You desire to be pregnant but know that your state of health & fertility comes first

Does this sound like exactly what you need? 

Get more info about the Advanced Ovulation Academy here! 

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