5 Steps to Nix Toxic Products

I know you thought it would be normal to change up your diet a little bit, or maybe change up your exercise, in order to improve your chances of getting pregnant.  But did you ever think you would need to switch out the products you use on a daily basis too?  Truth is, some of these products could be messing with your hormones, and not in a good way.  Read on to learn what the main culprits are, and how to rid them of your fertile life. 


Your favorite perfume. Your perfect shade foundation. The best hair product for your messy curls. The only deodorant that works for you. 

These could all be culprits negatively affecting your fertility journey, and your husband’s, without even knowing it.  

Although the list can be really long, these are the 5 that can be the easiest to avoid: 

  1. BPA – This is commonly found in the lining of canned foods as well as plastics; it is known as a xenoestrogen, meaning it acts like estrogen in the body even though it’s not; research has shown it affecting the function of reproductive organs, implantation of a fertilized egg, and the menstrual cycle regularity. 
  2. Parabens – these are antimicrobial agents used to preserve many things including personal care products and food; they are estrogenic in nature having the ability to bind to estrogen receptors; a 2013 study found the propylparaben may be associated with a decreased ovarian reserve (the number of eggs available in your ovaries).
  3. Phthalates – you’ll think of these every time you feel a flexible type of plastic; it is known for targeting the ovaries and the normal production of follicles and steroid hormones. 
  4. PFC’s – these are found on your non-stick pans or any product promising stain resistance, like your new couch; these toxins do not breakdown in the environment and are found in 99% of Americans; they are known to affect sperm quality and thyroid hormones. 
  5. Glycol Ether – these substance are used as thinners when it comes to conventional beauty products, paints, and cleaning products; the main culprits to look out for are 2-butoxyethanol (EGBE) and methoxydiglycol (DEGME); it has been studied that exposure to these chemicals can increase a woman’s time to pregnancy. 



Learning about toxin exposure can be overwhelming and damn right scary. But here’s the thing, you have a choice! You can make the vow right now to start the switch to non-toxic products for you, for your fertility, and for your baby. Because everything you do right now, has an affect on the health of your baby. 

So here are 5 steps to switching to non-toxic products:

1.Get Informed 

Become family with the Environmental Working Group’s website.  

They have a ton of resources when it comes to providing you with research, consumer guides, and a compiled list of EWG verified products. It’s important to make informed choices, based on what works for you and your family.

Download the Think Dirty app on your phone.  

This is super convenient when you are exploring new brands and products, but don’t know exactly what to look out for, unless you’re a biochemist or remember all of the terminology from your organic chemistry courses in college. This takes the guesswork out of finding products that work for you.  You just type something in, and the products will be color coded based on their safety, and provide you with a numerical score. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find! 

2. Drop the plastic. 

Whether it’s your water bottle or what you use for food storage, throw it in the garbage. Plastic is the easiest way to get toxins in, and getting rid of it is the easiest way to keep toxins out. I love using mason jars in the fridge for my nuts and seeds.  Other good options are glass storage jars, beeswax wraps, and silicone ziploc bags like Stasher Bags. 

3. Replace what you need.

The easiest way to start this is by checking out your current stash and determining what you are getting low on.  That mascara tube getting a little dry? Maybe you’re getting down to the last few pumps on your tinted moisturizer. Or maybe you’ve been squeezing bubbles out of your dish soap the last few times you’ve been washing dishes. Whatever it is, look for a clean, non toxic, green replacement instead of buying your not-trusty old brand again. 

4. Look for deals. 

Some of these replacements are not as cheap as a new tube of chapstick, but they are just as important. When it comes to these heftier options, look for sales on ceramic pots and pans, air purifiers, and water filters. These all could be huge contributors to your hidden toxin load, and by using them you are improving the health of not only you, but everyone else in your house too. 

For the little things, you can find friends or instagram influencers who partner with clean products to get discounts for you!

5. Take your time.

Yes, these toxins are scary. Yes, they are hurting your health. But building your arsenal doesn’t need to happen in a day. Take your time finding products that work for you (and your wallet) without putting insane pressure on yourself. I recommend starting with the things you’re use every day (like makeup, skin care, and cleaning products). You’ll be surprised how quickly they will begin to accumulate! 


Now that you are ready to start building your clean product, I’ll tell you about one of my favorite brands – Primally Pure! Their ingredient lists are so beautifully clean, and they work amazing. I am obsessed with the charcoal deodorant (the only clean deodorant that doesn’t give me red bumps) and the baby balm (serious MAGIC when it comes to a baby’s behind).

You can use the code ABBIEPICKS for a 10% discount on your Primally Pure order!


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