I made the switch to non toxic products when I was pregnant with my son. Like, trash can full of all my hair, make up, and skin products. I slowly replaced my stock focusing on each ingredient in the products that I bought.

Then it hit me, if these every day products were bad for me, what about the effects on my babes?! Children are much more sensitive to toxin exposure – those little bodies aren’t made to process junk straight out of the womb.

I found PRIMALLY PURE through Instagram accounts of other mamas and was instantly impressed. The ingredients found in all of their products are SIMPLE AF, taking the guessing out of the “is this safe” game – you just know it is good to go.

So when I came across my first diaper rash, I had zero hesitancy grabbing the BABY BALM from PRIMALLY PURE

My favorite uses for this product:

My babies cute little tush. Honestly I have never used anything else on my childrens’ behind’s. A little balm before bed, and they wake up with fresh, clear skin.

Our faces. My first born suffered from eczema when he was a baby due to food sensitivities from exposure in breast milk (eggs and peanuts) and would have rough itchy skin all over his cheeks causing him to scratch all night long. This was the only thing he would let me put on him – it was almost instant relief, never irritating, and totally okay if it ended up in his mouth. I also put it on their scratches/scars, dry spots, and under my too tired eyes.

My nipples. During the first months of breastfeeding, your nipples can go through some tough patches. There are so many nipple creams out there to help with the cracking, bleeding, and soreness, but have you read the ingredients? Is that something you want in your newborns mouth? No thanks. This product (and coconut oil) were the only things welcomed on my milk makers.

I never went anywhere without this in my bag, and there’s jars all over my house wherever diaper changes may occur.

Have you tried any of their products yet??

My other fav products are their lip balm (lavender, please!) and all the deodorants!

Use my code ABBIESPICKS at checkout for 10% off your order!

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