Why Choose Clean Beauty + My TOP 3 Winter Essentials

When I was pregnant with my son (over 3 years ago now !!! ), I took a class about our detoxification pathways and how the things we interact with and eat on a daily basis can effect these mechanisms. We are exposed to these toxic substances in the packages our food is kept in, the makeup we put on our skin, and the water we drink out of a plastic bottle.

What hit home hard was the amount of chemicals found in our beauty and skin products.  I recently read that the FDA doesn’t regulate what is used in beauty care, suggesting we don’t know exactly what is in these products and if it is safe for us at all. 

Some of the major toxins that we are exposed to include parabens, phthalates, and fragrances.  All of these are known endocrine disrupts – meaning they effect our hormone production and reproductive system.  AND if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, they are going straight into your baby’s system too, effecting their endocrine system.

Whoa. Read that again.  The makeup you’re applying in the morning and the cream you’re using at night could be effecting the natural development of body systems in your baby.

AND if these are effecting our hormone production and reproductive system, do you think they could have a connection with our fertility or regularity of our menstrual cycle?

This was a lot for me to take in, and it sat very heavy on my thoughts.

So, the first thing I did was search for where I could find clean products.

Then I found this amazing website (the Detox Market) where I purchased all of my brand new clean beauty products. I started with the essentials – mascara, tinted moisturizer with SPF, cleanser, and cream. 

I’ve utilized this website for research and exploration into what the clean beauty world has to offer.  And thanks to all the accurate descriptions and helpful reviews, I have been able to make informed purchases without any regrets.  

I tossed all of my old make up and skincare and committed to using cleaner products.  Although it took a little trial and error, but MAN, was it worth it.  My skin glows brighter than ever before.  I still get the occasional zit (hello monthly friend), but my acne has completely cleared and the scars are improving. I will never look back again.

I will be honest, some products are pricier than their more toxic counterparts, but the quality far outweighs the cost.

So here are, my favorite skincare products to brave the winter months, because lets be real, the dry air in my home with a fireplace helping to heat the freezing air, is just a real downer on my chin.


1. Kypris – Beauty Elixir II – this oil right here, THIS is my favorite scent inside a bottle. I found this small bottle on a splurge of a purchase and I instantly fell in love with it.  The oil is slightly thicker and absorbs into my skin making it feel insanely smooth.  Every night after applying it to my face, I cup my hands together and breathe the aroma deep into my lungs, and find an instant calming feeling

How I use it: at night, on a clean face, apply 3-4 drops to your skin either on its own or after moisturizing. For extensive care, I apply after Kypris Moonlight Catalyst.







2. Odacite – CaR Vital Glow – I fell in love with this company because of their dedication to using plant based oils for healing all types of skin issues.  The wile carrot serum concentrate truly makes me feel like I have bright, glowing skin all day without putting on any make up.  

How I use it: in the morning, add 2-3 drops to a dime size amount of  OLO Skin Dew, mix together and apply all over face and neck.








3. One Love Organic – Skin Dew – Made with coconut water, the cream literally melts into your face – and a little goes a long way! This jar will last me all the way through the winter months (which could be through April in Wisconsin). 

How I use it: in the morning, after cleansing my skin, I apply it by itself or mixed with the Vital Glow oil. Apply at night after cleansing when skin is extra dry. 







Now the only thing I am in search of is a magical eye cream for the ever lasting under eye circles (thanks, non sleeping babies).

Have you ventured in to the clean beauty parade yet? What kind of products are working best for you? Do you have any brands you might recommend? 

Leave your suggestions in the comments below! 

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