My Journey


Starting this blog is something that I have wanted to venture into for a very long time, but fear of failing and lack of success has held me back (as it does in most areas of my life). Honestly, I didn’t start developing self-confidence until the birth of my first child in December 2016. After that, a light bulb went off in my noggin and I just stopped caring what people thought of me and the actions I made. ((I’ll remember to thank my little dude for this confidence booster some day.))

Through this platform I hope to share with you a wealth of knowledge (and opinions) on all things health, wellness, nutrition, and balance so that you can make thoughtful decisions to improve your wellbeing on your own. What better way to kickstart this place than with a little jog down memory lane and my personal journey into this messy thing I call life.

I had dealt with a “sensitive stomach” and appearance issues starting at a young age. After dating my now husband for a while, it became almost a joke about how quickly I would need to run, sometimes sprint, to the bathroom after eating out. He said he could determine if he was going to get sick from the meal based on how soon afterwards I used the restroom. (This is when I knew I had a keeper). Fad diets and unhealthy eating habits throughout high-school didn’t help these issues and it wasn’t until college that I started taking care of my body. I started eating healthier, taking the free yoga classes on campus and training for my collegiate sport. I can’t say I was 100% on the right track, but the improvements made a difference.

I finally found Tone It Up soon after graduating and immediately fell in love with their style, comfortability, versatility of workouts, and of course their nutrition plan. This was a turning point in my life. This meal plan and nutrition plan taught me when and why to eat certain foods, how it effected my workouts, and how to make lasting changes. I still refer back to some of their recipes because they are THAT good.

Since then, my entire life changed. I left my job working in the ER at a local hospital and enrolled in a Master’s program for Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. I realized that helping people treat their symptoms and disease doesn’t have to happen with prescriptions and hospital visits, but starts with what they are putting in their bodies on a daily basis! I’m choosing to find the root cause of these issues and balancing the imbalances through consumption of whole foods, herbs and supplements. I know this is how I would want to treat my symptoms and I’m sure their are others out there that would feel the same.

And guess what, my “sensitive stomach” is no longer sensitive. By balancing what I eat, my gut doesn’t immediately want to expel everything that enters it. Don’t get me wrong, I still thoroughly enjoy pizza (especially with my second babe on the way) and I still want ice cream and chocolate. BUT, it is the balance that makes this possible without the immediate onset of my previous symptoms.

Now that you know all about my path to finding health an wellness, let me know what you want to know about it! I would love to cover everything under the sun, but that could get lengthy, and potentially boring. So, give me your thoughts, and I’ll be sure to give you mine.

Until later, thanks for reading!

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