Women's Hormone + Fertility Nutritionist

I help women heal their cycle through nutrition + lifestyle to create balance, enhance fertility and get pregnant.

Are you tired of dealing with not being able to get pregnant?

let me guess, you've tried all the recent fad diets, but nothing helps. And if it has, it doesn't last. that's because your trying to put a bandaid on something that needs real fixing.

The best way to heal your cycle and balance hormones is to find out the ROOT CAUSE of what is making them whacko in the first place. I work to find what is going on behind the scenes, and use nutrition + lifestyle factors to create a balanced and sustainable life for you!


You spend most of your life getting your period, you should know how it works and how it can help you day in and day out!


When you know what’s going on in your cycle on a monthly basis, you will know when something feels off. Knowing how to do this on your own will help you to live an optimal life. 


When you live in sync with your cycle and intuitively balance your hormones, you can say BUH BYE to all the pesky symptoms that you dealt with before. 

I’m your virtual nutritionist who still loves her pizza + wine. I truly believe that balance is the key to a healthy lifestyle and restriction is the last thing I want to preach.

I created my practice in women’s hormones + fertility because of all the struggles I went through when trying to conceive, the crazy postpartum phase, and secondary infertility after all of it. I’m a mom of 2, married to my 6th grade crush, and living life on our growing homestead in southern Wisconsin. 


After stopping hormonal birth control and expecting my cycles to return to normal pretty quickly, I was confused and concerned when I began having long irregular cycles and a lot of annoying symptoms including not feeling like myself. After starting to work with Abbie, she taught me so much about balancing hormones, nutrition, listening to my body and finding ways to help with stress management. It was very encouraging to me to have a person to go to with all my nitty gritty questions. I am happy to say that my cycles are consistently improving every month and I am so glad I found Abbie and that she has shared her knowledge and support with me! XO

– Laura B

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Enhancing Fertility Program

Trying to conceive can be stressful to say the least, but you don’t have to do it all on your own! Learn the ins and outs of your cycle, how to support your body to enhance fertility, and become a master at ovulating. With full access to me, together we create a personalized protocol to get you healthy and pregnant.